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Rituals and Flesh: The Images of Krist Mort

Krist Mort combines flesh and nature in her photography, with beautiful landscapes and haunting images of the pagan world she has created quite the impressive portfolio. I caught up with her to ask her more…

Which came first – photography or modelling?
Modeling has definitely shaped my interest in actual photography. I realized how much effort and how much soul is put into a single picture and I learned to use my own body as a tool.

What inspires you to take pictures?
My surroundings, my mood, the weather, my own and foreign cultures, historic pieces of art, books, music… (Also, see next question.)

Some of your photographs are of a dark religious nature, tell me about your views on religion and why you chose to take these pictures?
I have never been a religious person. I reject any kind of theism and I am not involved in any form of cult. However, I am keen on all kinds of religious imagery and deeply fascinated by theurgy and and the power that emanates from such cults or certain religious practices.
And this is where I find inspiration. So, naturally, I will use this kind of subject in my pictures.

Is art your main source of income?
I keep myself afloat with bovine part-time jobs, spending as much time as possible out and about in the woods or mountains. I’m a very stubborn and ambitious person, so when it comes to things that are important to me or goals that I have set, I will go to extremes and take all kinds of effort upon myself to make them happen. And having my own art as my main source of income definitely is one of my goals.

And finally, tell me something random about yourself?
I’m pretty fond of rabbits!!

You can see more of her work at her website and she will feature in the Black Sunday anthology – Obscurum.


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