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Book Review: Year of the Monkey – Patti Smith

smithIt is always an occasion when Patti Smith has a new book published, her memoirs are inspiring and insightful and Year of the Monkey is no different.

The fluidity of her writing is almost akin to a direct conversation or a session of storytelling. The book is very thematic and explores dreams, exploration, travel and the passing of time. Her travels and encounters open the reader up to an ever-changing world and an ever-changing personal journey. As a solitary explorer, we see her travels through her eyes and her eyes only and we are living it with her, you can almost smell the coffee and hear the scratching of the pen in her notebook.

Scattered amongst the text, we have her photographs that accompany her journey and this enhancement allows us to see what she sees through a lens as well as her journals. It is not so dissimilar to Andre Breton’s Nadja where the reader is guided through both words and images.

A positive and inspiring read, it is a very small and delicate publication that lends itself to living in your backpack – it is a treasure trove of mini-meditations and inspiration to those who care to dream.

Year of the Monkey

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