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Podcasts are a saviour when you don’t have the urge to pick up a book or write that novel you keep starting. We are living through an odd time in history and what used to be normal may seem difficult at the moment. With a podcast you can listen, learn and enjoy subjects you already love or you can learn something completely new.

Here are my favourite podcasts right now that can help brighten things up in this otherwise dark time.

Katy is a curator, writer, and art historian, and is best known for running @thegreatwomenartists, an account that celebrates women artists on a daily basis. Her podcast is a celebration of all things creative whilst re-addressing the gender roles in the art world. She interviews artists and writers about their work, their muses and inspiration. It is a wonderful podcast that will ensure you will be lost in the world of art for hours.

I have been following Paul Herron’s Anais Nin blog for years and the podcast is a wonderful addition. The episode content ranges from discussing her journals, the use and response to her erotica all the way through to how we can understand her art. Paul also interviews Nin scholars and those that have gone on to write or create their own art with Anais as their muse. It is an informative podcast that celebrates the wonderful world of Anais in every way.

The Tate podcast has everything you would expect from it. Their museums alone are an absolute pleasure to wander around, but they do not stop there.

On their podcast there are wonderfully curated subjects that deal with all aspects of art. From mental health to inspiration, dreams, nudity and making a living. The list goes on. It explores a plethora of subjects that revolve around art that will inspire and educate artists and art lovers alike.

The Guardian always pull me towards their book section and their podcast isn’t too shabby either. On a weekly basis they feature in-depth interviews with authors from all over the world and they conduct interesting and inspiring conversations. This isn’t just for those who loves books, this will also of be of interest to those of us who also love to write.

Reclaiming half the bookshelf is something that every woman writer and reader will agree on. In a very male dominated field, it is important that people understand that women writers do not just talk about “women’s issues”. Complex creatures write complex and beautiful prose and this is exactly what this podcast sets out to do with its thematic style and occasional author interviews – it is a fresh and exciting look on the world of women’s literature.

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