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There are a number of poems being published on the Black Flowers Literary Journal, each and every one is handpicked and I love how much contemporary poetry is just so wonderful. Poetry is not dead.

Often I look back to those that have come before us and today I wanted to share this with you. A poem by H.R. Hayes.

Sacred Children by H.R Hayes

Children believe in clover, magic numbers,
And wish on falling stars.
They are afraid of cracks in sidewalks,
Dangerous Fridays, they worship
Luck in mirrors, months
And the coming of white horses.

Shadows are large in the minds of children,
Moving in mystic and primal algebras
That shall solve sunrise. Signs make a music
Of warning and praise.

Oh there are marvels in the souls of children –
Prophetic insects, stones that grow. They see
Life in a drowned hair
And know that death flies into rooms
On a bird’s wings.

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