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Occult London (Pocket Essentials) by Merlin Coverley

If you only choose to believe the bad parts of city life especially in a metropolis such as London, you will be missing out. Behind every city and its bright lights lies a secret history. Weaved in between cobbled streets, the billboards, the modern facades, and the ivy choked graveyards – London’s occult history is rich and fascinating.

Over the past few months, my inability to travel around London has been severed and so I have had a lot of time to travel in my head and there was no better way to travel than to read about the occult history of my city.

The book covers the history of occult London so succinctly, yet I forewarn you, this isn’t an exhaustive piece of work – it is simply a short history that helps you to discover where the magic happens. If however, you are looking for more of a guidebook then why not try Welcome To The Dark Side: Occult London Map by Kate Hodges, a fabulous fold out map to London’s magical hotspots.

Throughout its pages, we are transported back to Elizabethan London where we learn about Dr. John Dee and Dr. Simon Forman, we move swiftly into the Eighteenth century after the rebuilding of London after the Great Fire of 1666 where we meet the occultist and artist William Blake and Emanuel Swedenborg who came back and forth to London to explore and embark on a life of mysticism.

We explore the Victorian era, a time that contains the history of Madame Blavatsky and The Hermetic Order of the Dawn, Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune; all prominent names known within occult circles that still have a great influence on practitioners today. Then finally, we explore the modern world of the occult from the Highgate Vampire through to leylines and the new age era.

If you are looking for a Gazetter of the Occult then look no further. Occult bookshop list? Look no further and the occult in literature? You got it.

This is really a fantastic mini historical trip around London for those who are intrigued or actively involved in the occult. A small book that can accompany you on your days looking for magic, and if you buy this book then it is magic you will find.

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