murdered hearts

Iolana Paedelt

i am drowning in a dead sea of violets,
your devilish claws bury their nails in my chest
and my screams fade into silent darkness-
grant me death instead of three wishes where you pretend to love me.
i don’t know why i tried making you stay when you have always wanted to leave…
emeralds and pearls
and blood on my chest, it‘s midnight, draw your last breath.
eight bullets for you and one for me.
would you stay after cupid stitched our lips together?
would you stay after i cut my heart out and traded it with yours so each of us carries a part of the other?
i’ll stab myself, if you drink your poison,
is this fucked up for you yet?
don’t put this on me.
angels tend to rise from hell,
you should know your baby best.
i’m bleeding out,
just fall asleep and i’ll take your life with one last kiss.

Iolana Paedelt is a German writer and poet. Her short stories and poems have been published in anthologies and magazines, both online and in print.Twitter/Instagram: @therealpaedeltWebsite: