Speak to Ferlinghetti

Niklas Stephenson

Mushrooms trips in the big city chasing the history of those past angels who told us not to hide our inner moonlight and that acid is revolution
a clam chowder at the pier
we knew we are unable to overcome death and tagedy
we didn’t talk about it, we didn’t know it was the catalyst to divine life but we created consciousness with substance wandering endlessly under the moloch night sky waiting for a moment
Pass out in the street and wake up before city lights, the sun blinds as shadows walk by
and Ferlinghetti a grain in the flock sees a jesus
existing in the void unable to speak or move induced catatonic
speaking silence and thinking rebellion youthful resistance naive and fearless
you never lost that. always carried by the electrical charges of chance an angel to my introverted mania
an angel to my introverted mania
carrying me to edges of my mind confined and cuddled up looking into the depth of insanity
I believed you would change the world like you did mine.
Time plays a backstabbing illusion of change and those city lights are far away now far away is the innocent laughter far away are the illegal bars under the streets of American proposed high life
far away is our collective bohemian attitude
far away the drugs, broken noses and souls
we got lost. I typed for years escaping my memory
the pieces like broken glass thousands of pieces unable to put together I saw your face after years and I cried because you kept your naivety and fearlessness lost in a world of junk, the endless traveller I adore your tragedy.
you wander endlessly in a colorado town with no place to go
living for the essence
I hope you stay here with us you told me your mind is playing tricks and giving commands. stay with us. For you I should have spoken to Ferlinghetti
maybe we wouldn’t be so naive
maybe we wouldn’t be so naive

Niklas Stephenson is a German American writer and poet currently living in Speyer, Germany. He has published three chapbooks of poetry with Analog Submission Press, self-published a novel, “Bloodbursts,” available on Amazon and has been published in a few magazines, online and print. Instagram @ _manikbloc_